BLACKPINK "How You Like That" Breaks the Record
K-pop Group's newest comeback single BLACKPINK titled "How You Like That" again broke the record ...

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BLACKPINK “How You Like That” Breaks the Record

K-pop Group’s newest comeback single BLACKPINK titled “How You Like That” again broke the record by achieving the highest rank ever achieved by K-Pop artists on the Top 50 Global Spotify charts.


Quoted from Soompi, this song debuted in fifth place on the Top 50 Global Spotify daily charts. This sets a new record for girl groups as a whole (not just K-pop). Since then, the song rose higher. “How You Like That” currently ranks second on Spotify’s daily global chart for June 27, making it the highest-ranked song of any K-pop artist in Spotify’s history. The similar genre is now frequently included in the Casino game, because of the upbeat rythm add excitement to play. The most favorit casino game in 2020 is online slot type of game, where you can play it anywhere but still get the essence of playing slot machine in Casino venue, and you even will get real money when you won playing slot online via your laptop or mobile phone. It’s amazing right? Imagine you can play online game with background songs from your favorit korean boys or girl group.

Previously, the highest record for K-pop artists held by BTS was ranked third. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” music video again broke a new record by gaining 100 million views in 1 day, eight hours, and 22 minutes. In the first 24 hours, BLACKPINK got 82.4 million viewers and became the number one trending video on YouTube.

Then in the next eight hours, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa immediately scored in YouTube history. This figure has exceeded the record of BTS featuring Halsey through the music video “Boy With Luv,” which gathered 100 million viewers in 1 day, 13 hours, and 38 minutes in April 2019. Previously, the BLACKPINK music video “How You Like That” broke the record again only by getting 100 million viewers in 1 day, eight hours, and 22 minutes (32 hours 22 minutes).

On Sunday (6/28/2020) at 08:15 WIB, the video had been watched 110.8 million times. In the first 24 hours, BLACKPINK got 82.4 million viewers and became the number one trending video on YouTube. Then in the next eight hours, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa immediately scored in YouTube history, Variety reported. This figure has exceeded the record of BTS featuring Halsey through the music video “Boy With Luv,” which gathered 100 million viewers in 1 day, 13 hours, and 38 minutes in April 2019.

Here are some interesting facts about Blackpink you might not know!


1. Very much awaited the Comeback by fans

Many BLINKs expressed their disappointment at Yang Hyun-suk (owner of YG Entertainment), who was judged to be favoritism and did not provide a fair comeback schedule for his talents. Are you also always waiting for new BLACKPINK songs?

2. BLACKPINK members are proficient in foreign languages

Beautiful and smart, maybe those are two words that can describe the members of BLACKPINK. How not, the members are good at foreign languages. Because three members of BLACKPINK lived abroad in their childhood, BLACKPINK was known as a bilingual group. All members are good at speaking in foreign languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.

3. MV with the most likes on YouTube

Since its appearance in 2016, many people have been attracted to this girl group, not only from his own country but also from other countries. With this popularity, BLACKPINK broke the record as the most popular Korean girl group music video on YouTube. The most popular BLACKPINK MVs are “Boombayah” and “As If It’s Your Last”.

4. Don’t have a physical album yet

Hmm… What a shame. Even though many BLINK (Blackpink fan names) are looking forward to a physical album from this girl group, during this time, BLINK can only enjoy BLACKPINK’s works with the form of a digital album, and it was not a full album, but only a single album. When do you release the physical album?

5. Do not have a leader

If we look at other groups, both boy bands, and girl bands, most have leaders. The leader’s job is to lead the group. And can also be a “mediator” between management and members. Unlike BLACKPINK, this one girl group chose not to have a leader. Because they have been together for a long time. Already have a sense of kinship with each other.

6. Very much-awaited debut

BLACKPINK’s debut is highly anticipated by K-Pop enthusiasts, especially those who like girl groups. The reason is, YG Entertainment has been ranting about the group’s plans since 2012. Before that, the fix member was only Jennie.

Since 2012, Jennie has been introduced to the public as a prospective YG girl group but has not been told what the group name is, what the concept is like, and contains how many members. YG has also given Jennie a solo project. Unfortunately, years passed without news. Though said Yang Hyun-suk (founder of YG Entertainment), Jennie will soon debut. However, finally, BLACKPINK debuted in 2016. Four years is long enough, huh?

People are really looking forward to what BLACKPINK looks like because just looking at the photos is very interesting and unique. After officially debuting, the song BLACKPINK was immediately popular, and their popularity also increased.

7. The meaning of the name BLACKPINK

Well, this last fact, do you already know? Or have you been just guessing?

The name “BLACKPINK” is a combination of two colors that are the opposite. Pink is synonymous with something cute, girls, etc. While Black is identical with something mysterious, sexy, strong, full of emotions, and so on. Well, BLACKPINK means that these four girls can be cute, but they can be mysterious too. It’s cool, the philosophy. The same thing with an online slot site called ice3bet is quite popular among Indonesians and South Koreans. By carrying a bluish-white theme such as the color of ice or frozen. As the best gambling online company in Asia, they believe that color really influences the philosophy of a company and the meaning to be achieved from that company. Due to taking on the type of judi online business, it is expected that such as small details like that would make a huge difference in gambling industry, so, all the loyal players will stay faithful to only one trusted gambling website.

Charlie Puth Releases New Song and Interesting Facts About Him

Charlie Puth fans can have fun now because the idol will soon release his latest single. The single is titled Girlfriend and marks the return of the 28-year-old singer to the world of music in 2020. This song will certainly be welcomed by fans because it has been long awaited by fans.

Charlie Puth

Announce on Instagram

The idol announced the release of his latest song through his Instagram social media account. There he uploaded a pretty interesting photo. The photo is a cover-art of the latest single to be released. In the upload there is also a caption that reads “Girlfriend” Thursday June 25th.

June 25, 2020 selected to release this latest song. Although in the midst of a pandemic, the singer of We Don’t Talk Anymore seems to remain eager to release the latest work soon.

Favorite Song

Girlfriend became a special work for Charlie Puth. He claimed that this song was one of his favorite songs that he had been working on so far. It seems that this is the reason why the single was chosen as the first song released in 2020.

Before releasing their own song, the female idol singers also had time to release several works with other musicians. Previously, he worked on a duet project with Lennon Stella for SCOOB! The Album. In addition, he also had the chance to sing the song I Hope from Gabby Barrett in the duet version.

Third Album

Fans certainly hope that the singer of the song Attention will release a new album this year. The single is even expected to be the first song from his third album. Unfortunately, there is no definite news whether the single will be the opening song for his latest album or just a single independent.

If Charlie Puth will release a new album this year, there will certainly be many surprises he gives. Girlfriend’s song is even predicted to be a bomb in 2020. Considering the cover art that he uploaded on Instagram looks very interesting and very fresh. Let’s wait until this song is released and can be enjoyed on various music streaming services.

Here are some interesting facts about Charlie Puth!

Charlie Puth

1. Have twin siblings

The first Charlie Puth fact is the presence of his twin sister and brother. Her names are Mikaela and Stephen. If you “kepo” Stephen is seen often in the studio helping to inspire Charlie Puth himself.

2. He was once a comedian

Charlie Puth is indeed famous to be a singer at this time. However, who would have thought, the road to success starts from being a YouTube artist by making various kinds of jokes. While joking, Charlie Puth then later sang.

However, eventually Charlie Puth is more suitable to be a singer.

3. Never received a scholarship at a university

Charlie Puth is touted as one of the genius young musicians. If someone is singing a tone, Charlie can guess the note well. Before becoming a musician like now Charlie Puth was rewarded with a full scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated with a Music Production major with near-perfect grades.

4. Never cover the song Adele

Adele’s song “Someone Like You” can be said to be the beginning of the long beginning to become a world star to what it is today. The song “Someone Like You” was then sung through his personal YouTube channel in 2011 with Emily Luther. At that time, the famous talkshow presenter Ellen DeGeneres was interested in Charlie’s appearance. From there, Charlie’s career then immediately skyrocketed and even produced an album that sold well and was listened to by many millennials.

5. Kissing

Charlie Puth apparently kissed Meghan Trainor in 2015 at the AMAs.

This kiss is a scene, and not many people expect this to happen. But of course this was not Charlie’s first kiss, because he had done it since he was 13 years old. Look at Charlie Puth’s stage appearance with Meghan Trainor and then finally kiss.

6. Starring in the video clip of Meghan Thainor

This Charlie Puth fact you may have missed. Have you seen Meghan Trainor’s music video entitled “Dear Future Husband”? Guess who became one of Meghan Trainer’s dream men in this video clip.

7. Turn bedroom decorations into simple music studios

Charlie Puth was inspired to decorate his bedroom into a small studio and there he was often asked to create his songs, with a number of pianos and various other types of musical instruments.

8. Exactly the name of the song

Attention (attention) anywhere and anytime. That’s how Charlie Puth creates songs. One of them is a hit song called Attention. If you watch the music video to the end, you will definitely know how this song began.

The Queen of Pop Britney Spears History through Music Industry

Singer Britney Spears has completed an intensive 30-day psychological treatment program. If all goes ‘normal’, she does not need to go back and forth to the hospital in a short time to check the condition to the psychiatrist who had handled it.

Spears’ exit from the hospital was celebrated by a number of fans who demonstrated #FreeBritney on Monday, April 22, at City Hall, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The fans who feel concerned about the idol’s condition do not want to see the movements of Spears continue to be arranged by others.


However, they must accept that fact. Since 2008, the Chicago court ruled that Spears must always be under supervision (conservatorship). The woman was considered unable to manage personal income and failed to maintain mental health. As a result, all of Spears’s actions must be monitored and approved by lawyer Samuel D.Ingham and her father, Jamie Spears. The lawyer was tasked with ensuring the legality of Spears’ various employment contracts, while Jamie was responsible for the health and all of his children’s activities.

Spears was deemed necessary to be monitored after being proven to have a mental disorder, consuming various types of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol, and was repeatedly rushed to the hospital due to worsening psychological conditions.

On the one hand, the fans feel the 37-year-old singer needs to be given a space of freedom. They believe their idols can undergo various roles in a life well provided they are given the opportunity. Some fans even thought the supervisors often took advantage of Spears’ condition.

As an illustration, during ten years overseeing Spears, Ingham earned a total of $ 2 million. While Jamie’s income as a supervisor is $ 130,000 per year, it does not include the cost of replacing the supervisor’s office rent. Spears’s father also took 1.5% profit from the income of each of his children’s concerts.

Supervisors also have the responsibility of ‘maintaining privacy’ for Spears, including maintaining exclusivity by setting high tariffs for media who want to photograph or interview Spears. A single photo and interview fee can be set at millions of dollars.

Until now, Spears still has a high selling point. The concert which was supposed to be held this year is expected to generate revenues of around $ 500,000. According to the Huffington Post, that number is still higher than the singer Celine Dion’s concert.

The prediction is just wishful thinking. Earlier this year, Spears announced the cancellation of the concert because it took time for herself and took care of James, who was seriously ill. After the news circulated, Spears rarely appeared in the mass media. Fans were suspicious. They speculate that Spears is undergoing psychological treatment.

Fan suspicion is not entirely wrong. In early April 2019, a number of Spears’ close relatives were relieved that Spears was willing to undergo a mental treatment program. The media later reported that Spears was depressed because her father had a chronic illness.

Other news emerged from comedians Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, a podcast host titled Britney Gram. In one of the episodes, they presented a secret source who mentioned that Spears failed to perform a concert because she was found taking drugs during a live rehearsal. Spears’s behavior is said to make the father cancel the event.

If it were true that the burden of Spears’ thoughts had increased, the biggest thing that might have been the cause was not the father’s illness but the failure to act according to personal will – something she had not had since childhood.

Spears was born to an alcoholic father who worked as a contractor and a mother who was a teacher. The Spears family is classified as a middle-class family that lives barely in the US. Conditions became even more complicated when Jamie declared his business to go bankrupt, so Lynn, Spears’ mother, turned the child into a ‘money machine’ by including her in various television program auditions. Since then, Spears’ road to celebrity has opened.

Also read: The King of Pop Michael Jackson and His Legendary Music

In “The Tragedy of Britney Spears” (2008), Rolling Stone journalist Vanessa Grigoriardis said that Spears joined in the choir, dance classes at the age of three years gymnastic classes. At the age of six, she won the Miss Talent Central States. At the age of eight, Lynn took Spears to Atlanta to audition for Mickey Mouse Club, an event that made Spears debut as a television star. In January 1999, she launched Baby One More Time and began to become an idol. The first two albums sold more than 39 million copies.

Through The Exile of Britney Spears (2011), Christopher R. Smit said Spears’ income from 1999-2008 could reach $ 120 million per year. The income that can be obtained from the tour is around $ 150 million. If calculated, the income of Spears per month around $ 737,000.

“Over time, Spears gradually lost confidence. Every time she performed in front of tens of thousands of spectators, she cried and felt bad. At that time, people began to offer her to drink and use illegal drugs. She welcomed the offers because she thought it would make her happy. If she grows up to be someone who likes parties, drugs, and alcohol, it’s because her management makes her act that way, “said Darrin Henson, Spears’ video clip choreographer.

The loss of Spears’ confidence occurred before she was stepping on two heads. At that time, the figure that made her calm was her former lover, Justin Timberlake. Unfortunately, their relationship foundered because Spears was caught sleeping with a friend of Timberlake. Spears’s condition at that time worsened because of the breakup event close to her parents’ divorce. Spears also felt tired and tried to find love from other men to heal the heart’s wounds.

The King of Pop Michael Jackson and His Legendary Music

Who does not know the King of Pop Michael Jackson?

The legendary singer whose full name is Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, United States, and died at the age of fifty on June 25, 2009, in Los Angeles, United States.

Michael Jackson was listed as the seventh child in the Jackson family and began his career in the music world at a young age. When he was eleven years old, he became a member of Jackson 5, which is a vocal group created by the Jackson family. During his life, Michael Jackson was known as a talented and brilliant singer and songwriter who created extraordinary works. In fact, almost all the songs become hits and are timeless in eating age.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is known by the nickname “King of Pop”. He has characteristics that make him unique and increasingly recognized by many people throughout the world. In fact, his trademark, the moonwalk dance is often imitated by other musicians.

The king of pop music in the world became a famous musician in the 1980s. Its popularity skyrocketed after its appearance aired on MTV. At that time, Michael Jackson, with his talent, was able to turn video clips into works of art that successfully popularized television channels. In every appearance, both on stage and in video clips, Michael Jackson always displays something new, such as movements or unique dances that later became popular throughout the world.

All the styles of Michael Jackson in singing are not only imitated by music lovers, but also hip-hop, pop, R&B, and dancer singers. With all his performances that are always riveting, Michael Jackson won many awards. One of the achievements was repeatedly entered the Guinness World Records category of the world’s best-selling album, the number one single in a solo career in the best male musician category, and managed to sell seven hundred and fifty million units worldwide.

Until the end of his life, Michael Jackson was still loved. With all the achievements he had achieved, he became the most famous man in the world.

Michael Jackson the King of Pop

Michael Jackson has discovered a lot of heart-warming music, especially about race, children, and poor people in several countries. ‘We are the World’ becomes one of the best song made by him, and in this current issue of C-Virus or the current pandemic, which is on the news every day, actress and activist Gal Gadot took the initiative to make a video with friends of her public figures singing “We Are The World”. The viral video makes the original singer, Lionel Richie, plans to release a new version of “We Are The World” to raise funds related to this pandemic.

Richie did not think that the song could be a meaningful message in the midst of a c-virus pandemic. The song he wrote with Michael Jackson as a charity song originally recorded by the USA for Africa in 1985. He had to rethink this song long before the virus was made by Gal Gadot, who sang along with Jamie Dornan, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Sia, Mark Ruffalo, Norah Jones, and others.

“Two weeks ago, we said we did not want to do anything (with the song We Are The World) because this is not the time to celebrate. But the message is true, “said the 70-year-old singer: launch NME, Tuesday, March 24.

He recalls the time of the songwriting process with Michael Jackson, where they think of the lyrics, “I’m saving my life, or we’re saving our lives.”

“What is happening in China, in Europe, here. So if we don’t save our brother there, it will return to his home. It is us. We are here together, ”

When raising funds with this song, they managed to get 63 million US dollars (US). The song also won sales of more than 20 million US dollars. We Are The World was sung with friends Richie and Jacko, such as Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, Jackson 5, Daryl Hall, and many others.

We Are The World was also sung during Michael Jackson’s last funeral in June 2009. The performance brought the song to the charts since 1985. Currently, Richie is isolating herself with her family in order to fight the c-virus. The United States reported 46,332 cases of c-virus with New York totaling 21,689 cases, and 157 people were declared dead.

Classical Music History in this Era

Who does not know classical music? Everyone in the world knows it. However, not everyone knows the history of classical music even though this type of music has a big part in the development of the music industry in the world. Music is one of the things that has never been eaten by the ages. Music seems to have ingrained in every part of human activities both from an early age to the elderly.

With music, there is a human soul-filled and come back to life with various genres as their respective identities. One of the most listened to is classical music. As the name implies, this music offers calm that soothes the soul. Even though classical music is only instrumental, the resulting tone can make anyone fascinated.

Violin Orchestra


The classical era itself has a span of years between 1750 -1820 AD. In short, this music genre was present between the middle of the Baroque era (baroque & smoking) and the romantic era of music afterward. The most striking characteristic of its nature lies in the melody above the chord’s accompaniment, the homophone. The melody is light, short, and easy to follow.

Actually, there are three periods of classical music, namely the Early Music Period, the Common Practice Period, and the Music and Contemporary Period.

Early Music Period appears in the early period of his birth. In this period, the flow of classical music was divided into two eras, namely Medieval and Renaissance. In the Medieval era, music that was born was still influenced by previous eras, namely starting from the end of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance in 1400. While in the Renaissance era, music that was born had begun to be influenced by the use of musical instruments.

Violin Orchestra

During the Common Practice Period, the flow of classical music was divided into the Baroque and Classical eras. Baroque has main characteristics, including complex bass lines and balanced total points. Baroque is the forerunner to the formation of an orchestra, while Classical is formed by the rules regarding the composition, presentation, and style of this music itself.

Music and Cotemporary Period is recorded as the peak of classical music with the highest strata. This period is also referred to as the beginning of musical progress until the era of the 20th century today. But in this digital era, classical music fans quite intimidated by digital music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify that are not designed to meet their needs.

Wired reported that one example was when fans searched for “Beethoven’s 5th” on Spotify, fans would get a seemingly random list of songs that were chosen purely based on song titles.

Meanwhile, Spotify itself declined to comment on the sophistication of the metadata for its classical music files. This streaming service makes the majority of their income from non-classical music, so it is not surprising that their search facility is set to focus only on other genres.

So what do you think about classical music in this era? Do you think it still can continue to spread?