Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth Releases New Song and Interesting Facts About Him

Charlie Puth fans can have fun now because the idol will soon release his latest single. The single is titled Girlfriend and marks the return of the 28-year-old singer to the world of music in 2020. This song will certainly be welcomed by fans because it has been long awaited by fans.

Charlie Puth

Announce on Instagram

The idol announced the release of his latest song through his Instagram social media account. There he uploaded a pretty interesting photo. The photo is a cover-art of the latest single to be released. In the upload there is also a caption that reads “Girlfriend” Thursday June 25th.

June 25, 2020 selected to release this latest song. Although in the midst of a pandemic, the singer of We Don’t Talk Anymore seems to remain eager to release the latest work soon.

Favorite Song

Girlfriend became a special work for Charlie Puth. He claimed that this song was one of his favorite songs that he had been working on so far. It seems that this is the reason why the single was chosen as the first song released in 2020.

Before releasing their own song, the female idol singers also had time to release several works with other musicians. Previously, he worked on a duet project with Lennon Stella for SCOOB! The Album. In addition, he also had the chance to sing the song I Hope from Gabby Barrett in the duet version.

Third Album

Fans certainly hope that the singer of the song Attention will release a new album this year. The single is even expected to be the first song from his third album. Unfortunately, there is no definite news whether the single will be the opening song for his latest album or just a single independent.

If Charlie Puth will release a new album this year, there will certainly be many surprises he gives. Girlfriend’s song is even predicted to be a bomb in 2020. Considering the cover art that he uploaded on Instagram looks very interesting and very fresh. Let’s wait until this song is released and can be enjoyed on various music streaming services.

Here are some interesting facts about Charlie Puth!

Charlie Puth

1. Have twin siblings

The first Charlie Puth fact is the presence of his twin sister and brother. Her names are Mikaela and Stephen. If you “kepo” Stephen is seen often in the studio helping to inspire Charlie Puth himself.

2. He was once a comedian

Charlie Puth is indeed famous to be a singer at this time. However, who would have thought, the road to success starts from being a YouTube artist by making various kinds of jokes. While joking, Charlie Puth then later sang.

However, eventually Charlie Puth is more suitable to be a singer.

3. Never received a scholarship at a university

Charlie Puth is touted as one of the genius young musicians. If someone is singing a tone, Charlie can guess the note well. Before becoming a musician like now Charlie Puth was rewarded with a full scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated with a Music Production major with near-perfect grades.

4. Never cover the song Adele

Adele’s song “Someone Like You” can be said to be the beginning of the long beginning to become a world star to what it is today. The song “Someone Like You” was then sung through his personal YouTube channel in 2011 with Emily Luther. At that time, the famous talkshow presenter Ellen DeGeneres was interested in Charlie’s appearance. From there, Charlie’s career then immediately skyrocketed and even produced an album that sold well and was listened to by many millennials.

5. Kissing

Charlie Puth apparently kissed Meghan Trainor in 2015 at the AMAs.

This kiss is a scene, and not many people expect this to happen. But of course this was not Charlie’s first kiss, because he had done it since he was 13 years old. Look at Charlie Puth’s stage appearance with Meghan Trainor and then finally kiss.

6. Starring in the video clip of Meghan Thainor

This Charlie Puth fact you may have missed. Have you seen Meghan Trainor’s music video entitled “Dear Future Husband”? Guess who became one of Meghan Trainer’s dream men in this video clip.

7. Turn bedroom decorations into simple music studios

Charlie Puth was inspired to decorate his bedroom into a small studio and there he was often asked to create his songs, with a number of pianos and various other types of musical instruments.

8. Exactly the name of the song

Attention (attention) anywhere and anytime. That’s how Charlie Puth creates songs. One of them is a hit song called Attention. If you watch the music video to the end, you will definitely know how this song began.