Classical Music History

Classical Music History in this Era

Who does not know classical music? Everyone in the world knows it. However, not everyone knows the history of classical music even though this type of music has a big part in the development of the music industry in the world. Music is one of the things that has never been eaten by the ages. Music seems to have ingrained in every part of human activities both from an early age to the elderly.

With music, there is a human soul-filled and come back to life with various genres as their respective identities. One of the most listened to is classical music. As the name implies, this music offers calm that soothes the soul. Even though classical music is only instrumental, the resulting tone can make anyone fascinated.

Violin Orchestra


The classical era itself has a span of years between 1750 -1820 AD. In short, this music genre was present between the middle of the Baroque era (baroque & smoking) and the romantic era of music afterward. The most striking characteristic of its nature lies in the melody above the chord’s accompaniment, the homophone. The melody is light, short, and easy to follow.

Actually, there are three periods of classical music, namely the Early Music Period, the Common Practice Period, and the Music and Contemporary Period.

Early Music Period appears in the early period of his birth. In this period, the flow of classical music was divided into two eras, namely Medieval and Renaissance. In the Medieval era, music that was born was still influenced by previous eras, namely starting from the end of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance in 1400. While in the Renaissance era, music that was born had begun to be influenced by the use of musical instruments.

Violin Orchestra

During the Common Practice Period, the flow of classical music was divided into the Baroque and Classical eras. Baroque has main characteristics, including complex bass lines and balanced total points. Baroque is the forerunner to the formation of an orchestra, while Classical is formed by the rules regarding the composition, presentation, and style of this music itself.

Music and Cotemporary Period is recorded as the peak of classical music with the highest strata. This period is also referred to as the beginning of musical progress until the era of the 20th century today. But in this digital era, classical music fans quite intimidated by digital music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify that are not designed to meet their needs.

Wired reported that one example was when fans searched for “Beethoven’s 5th” on Spotify, fans would get a seemingly random list of songs that were chosen purely based on song titles.

Meanwhile, Spotify itself declined to comment on the sophistication of the metadata for its classical music files. This streaming service makes the majority of their income from non-classical music, so it is not surprising that their search facility is set to focus only on other genres.

So what do you think about classical music in this era? Do you think it still can continue to spread?