Michael Jackson King of Pop

The King of Pop Michael Jackson and His Legendary Music

Who does not know the King of Pop Michael Jackson?

The legendary singer whose full name is Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, United States, and died at the age of fifty on June 25, 2009, in Los Angeles, United States.

Michael Jackson was listed as the seventh child in the Jackson family and began his career in the music world at a young age. When he was eleven years old, he became a member of Jackson 5, which is a vocal group created by the Jackson family. During his life, Michael Jackson was known as a talented and brilliant singer and songwriter who created extraordinary works. In fact, almost all the songs become hits and are timeless in eating age.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is known by the nickname “King of Pop”. He has characteristics that make him unique and increasingly recognized by many people throughout the world. In fact, his trademark, the moonwalk dance is often imitated by other musicians.

The king of pop music in the world became a famous musician in the 1980s. Its popularity skyrocketed after its appearance aired on MTV. At that time, Michael Jackson, with his talent, was able to turn video clips into works of art that successfully popularized television channels. In every appearance, both on stage and in video clips, Michael Jackson always displays something new, such as movements or unique dances that later became popular throughout the world.

All the styles of Michael Jackson in singing are not only imitated by music lovers, but also hip-hop, pop, R&B, and dancer singers. With all his performances that are always riveting, Michael Jackson won many awards. One of the achievements was repeatedly entered the Guinness World Records category of the world’s best-selling album, the number one single in a solo career in the best male musician category, and managed to sell seven hundred and fifty million units worldwide.

Until the end of his life, Michael Jackson was still loved. With all the achievements he had achieved, he became the most famous man in the world.

Michael Jackson the King of Pop

Michael Jackson has discovered a lot of heart-warming music, especially about race, children, and poor people in several countries. ‘We are the World’ becomes one of the best song made by him, and in this current issue of C-Virus or the current pandemic, which is on the news every day, actress and activist Gal Gadot took the initiative to make a video with friends of her public figures singing “We Are The World”. The viral video makes the original singer, Lionel Richie, plans to release a new version of “We Are The World” to raise funds related to this pandemic.

Richie did not think that the song could be a meaningful message in the midst of a c-virus pandemic. The song he wrote with Michael Jackson as a charity song originally recorded by the USA for Africa in 1985. He had to rethink this song long before the virus was made by Gal Gadot, who sang along with Jamie Dornan, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Sia, Mark Ruffalo, Norah Jones, and others.

“Two weeks ago, we said we did not want to do anything (with the song We Are The World) because this is not the time to celebrate. But the message is true, “said the 70-year-old singer: launch NME, Tuesday, March 24.

He recalls the time of the songwriting process with Michael Jackson, where they think of the lyrics, “I’m saving my life, or we’re saving our lives.”

“What is happening in China, in Europe, here. So if we don’t save our brother there, it will return to his home. It is us. We are here together, ”

When raising funds with this song, they managed to get 63 million US dollars (US). The song also won sales of more than 20 million US dollars. We Are The World was sung with friends Richie and Jacko, such as Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, Jackson 5, Daryl Hall, and many others.

We Are The World was also sung during Michael Jackson’s last funeral in June 2009. The performance brought the song to the charts since 1985. Currently, Richie is isolating herself with her family in order to fight the c-virus. The United States reported 46,332 cases of c-virus with New York totaling 21,689 cases, and 157 people were declared dead.